Promo Video Transcript

My name is Doctor Tim Godsey. My practice is in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and we’re fairly close between Chapel Hill and Durham, right off the 15-501. Ever since I’ve been in Perio, I’ve done lots of periodontal surgery. And I’ve always wondered, isn’t there a better way to do this that’s easier for the patient? And I would say that the laser, what’s nice about it, there’s no incisions, there’s no stitches, there’s no bone grafting. A lot less discomfort for the patient.

And the results, at least in my hands, are comparable with conventional periodontal surgery. I really embrace technology, and that’s what I try to combine in my practice is utilizing technology and a soft touch to get the best outcome we possibly can. We have three dimensional imaging. So we can have three dimension imaging right here on site. So we know where all the vital structures are before we do anything. We know where the nerves are, how much bone is there, how much bone isn’t there, where the sinuses are when it comes to placing dental implants.

One of the things I’m really proud about is my staff. There’s no way I’d be able to do what I do without my staff. My staff is awesome. It takes a number of years to get a really good team together. We spend a lot of time at doing team functions outside of the office and inside the office. And so I’m extremely proud of my staff. I am Tim Godsey, and I am a Tar Heel.

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